Cape Cod’s Hidden, Hydrating Gem

I’ve been going to Cape Cod for most of my life, staying in East Sandwich in particular. The town of Sandwich is a short drive away and features shops, restaurants and a lot of really nice old buildings. However, the most exciting thing that I have experienced in this town is…water. Yes, water.

This artesian well was something I never knew existed until this past summer. My dad told me about it and since we were staying a short walk away, I decided to venture down the street to see what the hype was about. I’ll admit, it was kind of weird to just stick an empty water bottle under a random spout on the side of the road and expect it to be safe to drink. Lo and behold, that water was super clear and super crisp. I found myself making many stops during my vacation on my way back from doing things, sometimes competing with other cars for the limited parking spaces near the well.

It’s funny how something as simple as water can create such a special memory. The novelty played a part, sure, but it became a family activity to fill a bunch of empty bottles and bring them back to the house.

We were not alone in our fascination with the well as the Cape Cod Times reported on it ten years back. It looks like they’ve made some improvements to the aesthetic of the well since then but the quality of the water and the popularity hasn’t changed.

One last thing: avoid using single-use water bottles whenever possible. Ok bye

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