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Rational Expression LLC helps engineers, scientists, analysts, and other high-tech professionals communicate their messages clearly and effectively.

My name is Dave Carpenter, and I craft words for nerds. Unlike more generally qualified writers who might struggle with highly specialized subject matter, I am qualified to tackle your technical content head-on. I rely on two aerospace engineering degrees and more than a decade of engineering experience to cut through data, equations, and jargon and truly understand your topic. I then shape and polish accessible, audience-appropriate content that maintains the technical accuracy you require.

I can help you deliver your message clearly, effectively, and concisely. Whether you’re putting together your first press release, writing a journal article, building content for your website, or crafting a new sales brochure, choosing writing and editing services from Rational Expression LLC ensures that your message is targeted, professional, and effective.

Please contact me today to learn how I can meet your needs. I am happy to work with geeks, nerds, and wonks of all types.